Jeremy Skeete

Born in New York but raised right here in Georgia, Jeremy Skeete finds his roots here at Liberty Church. Growing as the church grew, Jeremy was raised in 5979, the very ministry he now serves. In 2009, Jeremy graduated from North Cobb High School as the Lord propelled him into training. In 2012, Jeremy married his best friend Crystal. Since then, the Skeetes have grown from three to four. Now Jeremy is outnumbered with Crystal, Paislie, and Addison, the newest addition to the household.

Jeremy strives to model his life after three basic words: Love, Respect, Push. With his life, he hopes to inspire others to love like there is nothing else, respect everyone because you are respectful and to push others to know God for themselves. In serving 5979, Jeremy wishes to help raise up a generation that will make Jesus famous by simply living their lives in plain view of the world, “then and only then can we truly see the change our world so desperately needs.”
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