Pastor Tony Grosse

Tony Grosse is a third year Intern who is currently pursuing a degree in History Education at Kennesaw State University. He has also completed Level One studies at INSTE and is pursuing a Degree in Bible and Theology in their Level Two track. His favorite color is green, and he enjoys to play tennis, in which he lettered in high school. He attended private school from kindergarten through 12th grade, spending nine years at the same school.

Tony’s passion for youth ministry comes from a deep belief that teenagers can go against the status quo by radically pursuing and grasping Jesus in this stage of their lives rather than following the ways of the world and becoming trapped by sin. His own personal testimony of being a teenager and the role that 5979 and those ministering in it played in his life had a profound influence on this passion growing in his heart. He also sees the emphasis to train up the younger generation according to the Word of God repeated constantly in Scripture and wants to be obedient to that challenge. He firmly believes that teenagers are the leaders of tomorrow and that they will either guide the world in a positive direction or a negative one. He hopes through his influence to point them down a path that will result in them impacting the world for the good.
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